Colors and Meanings of Graduation Sashes

Students from different academic institutions will wear some types of graduation sashes for these ceremonies. The sashes are pieces of cloth that are colored and which bear ceremonial significance. There is a trend where schools are opting for replacing the traditional black gowns with colored ones. The color has a significance long associated with the institution or event. Sashes are always worn over graduation gowns with a cap as part of the wear.

Whatever the degree you are receiving, it is expected that graduation sashes will be part of what you will wear. Graduation sash, when worn in combination with caps and chords will convey a special meaning and this will always depend on the specific graduation. You can buy these online where you can find websites that will give you the option of customizing sashes with either numbers or names standing for fraternity and year of graduation among other meanings.

graduation sashIf you are a graduate and a member of a Greek sorority or fraternity, you may wear your graduation sash with colors that represent your society. Your organization will follow defined standard for color and style to replace the values. You can get a hand-woven sash measuring four inches longer than the traditional sashes, with this being the standard sash for the Delta Sigma Theta Kenta fraternity. These fraternity graduation sashes have Greek letters embroidered in white.

When it comes to members of academic societies, they commonly wear sashes over their academic outfits. The color of the sash or the colors incorporated on it represent the department that the student studied in. There are varying colors for each department of study when graduation sashes are being considered. Blue represents architecture; crimson represents art while orange represents engineering. These are just examples of the many different department colors.

Graduation sashes are also popularly worn by those who are conferred with honors and awards such as academic distinctions. From various academic councils, you can get a guide stating the right graduation costumes to be worn. You will know the sash to wear for every occasion with each being worn depending on the distinction you will be receiving. Given that graduation ceremonies are an important part of one’s life, it will be important for you to learn about the significance of graduation regalia. You will also have to be careful and specific about the different elements of the graduation gown such as the cap, cord and sash.

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